Dancewalks is a series of interactive audio guides where the audience gets to experience and perceive different places from the perspective of a choreographer and dancer. Through instructions from a sound file the visitor is gently lead into a movement improvisation, both physical and mental, inspired by the surroundings, the architecture, the structure and the functionality of that location. Dancewalks puts the audience in a meditative state of mind where they can receive impressions and information from the place and from their own body.

According to the choreographer Anna Halprin, and architect Lawrence Halprin a place is best understood through movement. A place is not only a physical environment but the bodies that are moving within.

Dancewalks has been produced since 2009 and since 2013 I have investigated how Dancewalks can increase our perspective and understanding of different sites in connection to city planning.

  • How to do a Dancewalk:
    Find a Dancewalk close to you in the list below
  • Download the mp3-file
  • Look at the map and find the starting position
  • Go there and press play