969 m i Borlänge

  • 969 m i Borlänge is a Dancewalk created for Bild och form Dalarna as a part of the course Gestaltad Livsmiljö at Högskolan Dalarna. The course taps into the proposition Politik för gestaltad livsmiljö.

    To bring in the perspective of dance into the understanding of a place in a city planning process doesn’t only give space for the embodied knowledge but emphasises the importance of practice based investigation that can give us another perspective and by doing so open up for new possibilities and alternative futures.

    Starting point: Sveatorget

    969 m i Borlänge was created with the support from Bild och form Dalarna.

    On April 21, 2021, a group of planners from Borlänge municipality experienced 969 m in Borlänge. Hear their thoughts and reflections in a zoom conversation immediately after the walk. Organised and produced by project Fokus: Danskonst Dalarna/Region Dalarna. 

  • Download:

    969 m i Borlänge (only in swedish)