The thing is an artist-run collaboration together with Rebecca Chentinell, Ingrid Cogne, Ivana Dragsic, Zhana Pencheva and Dragana Zarevska that derives from Fast Forward – a dramaturgy and contemporary dance laboratory in Skopje, Macedonia, October 2011, coordinated by Intercult (SE) and Lokomotiva (MK). the thing had a residency at PACT Zollverein in November 2012.

Extract from the living statement of the thing:
the thing considers itself a human device, formulated by concrete parameters in constantly changing contexts. the thing has a state of elaboration and process, and does not focus on a specific goal or product. Its function is to insist, and through slow movements of reformulations and exchange of information, to shift the order of things.

the thing is suspending the difference between forward and backward time. This suspension creates a cumulative perspective of what is ahead of us, that, which we easily abandon and leave behind by standard activities/movement forward.