• Biologiska Muséet | Stockholm | 29, 30 and 31 May 2015

    In Between Bodies (Kroppar i mellanrum) is a part of the project The Ecological Theater (Den Ekologiska Teatern).

    Inside the exhibition the air doesn’t move, it’s thick and it’s hard to breath, we become shadeless.
    The nature is silent. The lack of the living are present.
    We are visitors in a carefully prepared wilderness. Our senses are on high alert, we tread carefully, the body is attentive.
    There is no fear, how near are we allowed to go? We keep a close watch in every direction, measuring our surrounding.
    In here the life is inverted. Perfektion and absence of obvious life.

    In Between Bodies springs from a 6 hours long performance which took place inside the habitat diorama during Kulturnatten 25th of April 2015. The practice is developed throughout the time spent inside the exhibition, a constructed reality created by Gustaf Kolthoff and Bruno Liljefors. A reality that we investigate, become part of and inevitably transforms us while we slowly move through its present physical, mental and historical consciousness.

    The audience was invited to move freely in the 360° visitor space equipped with a fur to sit on. In the end of the performance the dancers went through the windows from the artificial world, into the audience and together they walked out of the museum and sat down in the grass with a cup of tea.

    Supported by: City of Stockholm, Innovativ kultur, Kulturbryggan, Swedish Arts Council, Swedish Arts Grants Committee

  • Kroppar i mellanrum – In Between Bodies Performance (2016) from Tomas Björkdal on Vimeo.