• Anna Asplind is a swedish choreographer/dancer based in Stockholm. She finished her studies at the Ballet Academy of Gothenburg in 2008 and she earned her bachelor degree in Human Geography in 2014. In Asplind’s earlier work she has been engaged in the investigation on dance in relation to perception and understanding of different places. Since 2009 she has been working with a serie called “Dancewalks”, which is a site specific dance installation that has been produced in several public and semi public spaces throughout Europe. In this work she invites the audience to experience space through their bodies with instructions from an audio guide.

    Anna also works in different constellations and collaborations. 2015 she started a new collaboration together with the choreographer Anna Koch and Daniel AlmgrenRecén. She co-produced a site specific performative serie The Ecological Theater together with AlmgrenRécen at the Biological museum in Stockholm during spring and summer 2015. Since 2013 she is a part of the plattform Random Collision in Groningen, Holland. She is also a part of the networking project FastForward, a dramaturgy lab in cooperation between Sweden and the Balkans. In her work she moves between different art fields as well as architecture and human geography. In 2013 she founded Temporära Konsthallen together with Linda Karlsson.

    She performed in festivals and at stages like Weld (2016) in Stockholm and Skogen in Gothenburg (2016), Sweden, Norderzoon festival, Groningen (2013, 2014), Deutsche Oper (2011), Uferstudios (2011), Theaterhaus Mitte (2011) and MADE gallery (2011) in Berlin, the Opera of Copenhagen(2009), the Opera of Goteborg (2008) and Atalante (2010) in Gothenburg.

    She presented her own work at (X) Sites Kattegattleden (2017), GRÄNSLAND, MELLANRUM, AVGRUNDER (2017), Färgfabriken in Stockholm (2015), the Biological museum in Stockholm  (2015), The arthall in Haninge Kulturhus, Konstfrämjandet Värmland in Karlstad (2015) Ada Studio (2010), KnockKnock (2012) and KulturAble (2010) in Berlin, in the art hall Lokstallet (2009/2011) in Sweden, at the 33d International FilmFestival/Atalante (2010) in Goteborg, at the festival ArtFart (2010) in Reykjavik and at Valvet Underground in Stockholm (2010). She worked as a danceartist and teacher in Mobila Dansverkstaden of Dance in Värmland (2008) and she started the dance collective FAS (2009) in Berlin.

    Sine 2014 Anna have been giving lectures and workshops at the University of landscape architecture (SLU) and industrial design (HIG).

    She has worked with such choreographers as Ido Batach, Jasmine Ellis, Tomas Falk, Marco Santi, JunJun sience, Carl-Olof Berg, Israel Aloni, and Maciej Kuzminski.


2020 – 2023
Timescape Garden
A design proposal based on dance explorations. Exhibited in the Italian Pavilion of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale (2021) and at Cooper Union in New York (2022). Public dance based explorations and workshops at Kulturnatten 2022, Norrköping. In collaboration architect Peter Lynch, data scientist Mats Nordahl and Martin Heidesjö (Norrköpings kommun).
Supported by Vinnova

Min Stadspark
A choreographic soundwalk in the city park of Falun.
Produced by Bild och Form, Region Dalarna.

Tillflykt i Rejmyre
A social building project and performance about give and take refugee in Rejmyre in collaboration with artist Daniel Pelt.
Rejmyre Art Lab,Rejmyre

Dansbanan (art installation).
Alma Löv museum of Unexp. Art.
Produced by Rural Movements in collaboration with Sonnsjö Arkitekter.

2022 – 2009
A series of choreographic soundwalks produced around Europe in cities like; Berlin, Reykjavik – Artfart, Malmö – Beyond Best Practice and Nordiskt forum, Uppsala – SLU (The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Karlstad – Abundance, Gothenburg – kulturkalaset, Borås – Borås konstmuseum, Borlänge (Dalarnas Högskola, course Gestaltad Livsmiljö)

Naturens rörelser/berättelsens natur
A literary and choreographic soundwalk in collaboration with author Marit Kapla.
Rural Movements, Östra Ämtervik

In collaboration with Marie-Therese Lüger
Weld, Stockholm

In search of the miraculous
Part of the exhibition Symbiosis at Färgfabriken and in IntraGalactic Arts collective

Tipping Points
(ResearchLab, Royal institute of art)
thIstanbul design biennial
Istanbul, Turkey

Drömmen om ett torn
Performance lecture at Utrymningsövning as a part of Orosmoln av obeskrivlig kraft
Region Gävleborg

Only Exclusive
Ljud i porten
Konstfrämjandet, Stockholm

Koreochgrafi, Dancer in a performance by Rebecca Chentinell
Ccap, Stockholm

2017 – 2018
Curator, founder and board member of Biologiska museets vänner

Nelly Sachs rummen
Performance in collaboration with Marie-Therese Lüger.
Gothe institute, Stockholm

A part of the project (X)Sites Kattegattleden (landart.se)
Produced by Konstnärscentrum Väst, Ängelholm

Kommer himlen alltid att vara blå? 
An interacitive sound installation at an old execution place.
Gävle Konst, Sveriges Fängelsemuseum, Söderhamn

Perfomance Lab 2017
Intragalactic Arts Collective
Ccap, Stockholm

2016 – 2018
Project manager Frihet på Cykel
Cykelfrämjandet (Bike Federation of Sweden), Stockholm

Insamlat material
6 sensory maps based on bikedèrives in Handen, Haninge. In collaboration with graphic designer Jonathan Sahlin.
Handen, Haninge kommun, Sweden

Insisting On
Choreographer/Dancer in collaboration with Anna Koch and Daniel AlmgrenRecén.
Weld, Stockholm, Skogen Göteborg

Zero Point Energy
Choreographer and dancer in a video by Kerstin Hamilton. A part of the exhibition The New Human,
Moderna museet, Malmö, Stockholm

Den Ekologiska Teatern
Artistic Director/Curator/Choreographer in collaboration with Daniel AlmgrenRecén.
Co-produced with MDT and Biologiska museet.
Biologiska museet, Stockholm

Insisting On
Choreographer/Dancer in collaboration with Anna Koch and Daniel AlmgrenRecén.
Swedish Energies, Issue Project Room, New York, US

Cykeldèrive # Handen – Liljeholmen
Video installation exhibited at Experiment Stockholm
Färgfabriken, Stockholm, Haninge Konsthall, Haninge & Åttkanten, Konstfrämjandet, Karlstad

2015 – 2016
In the board of the Swedish bike federation Cykelfrämjandet

Museum host
Biologiska museet, Stockholm

Experiment B
Dancer three performances by Ido Batash, Jasmine Ellis, Thomas Falk in a Random Collision production.
Noorderzon Festival
Groningen/Rotterdam/Essingen/Amsterdam, Holland

Temporära Konsthallen resurrects
Performance in collaboration with Jens Edvaldsson and Linda Karlsson.
Normalcy, Moderna museet, Stockholm

This Space
Choreography with dancers from Fontys academy
Tilburg; Holland

Experiment A
Choreographer/Dancer in a Random Collision production
Noorderzon Festival, Groningen, Holland

Dancer in a performance by Karen Harvey
White Wave, New York, US

 2012 – 2015
Temporära Konsthallen
Artistic Director/Funder in collaboration with Linda Karlsson

I never promised you a rose garden
Art and landscape
Wij trädgårdar, Ockelbo

Audible improvisaton
Knock Knock
Berlin Germany

Ariadne auf Naxsos
Dancer in the opera by Robert Carsey
choreographer Marco Santi
Deutsche Oper, Berlin, Germany

Artistic director/Choreographer/Dancer in collaboration with Peter Uhr
Arthall Lokstallet, Strömstad

JunJun Sience 
Dancer in a performance by JunJun
Teaterhaus Mitte, Berlin, Germany

Dancer in a choreography by Meredith Nadler,
Uferstudio and Neue Synagogue, Berlin, Germany

Performance in a piece By Daniel Gonzalez
MADE gallery, Berlin, Germany

Berlin dancer
Artistic director/Choreographer/Dancer in collaboration with Peter Uhr
Kulturable, Berlin, Germany

Audible Imrovisation
Paradice Party

Unexpected Interferences
Ada studio, Berlin, Germany

A Dancewalk
Video in collaboration with 5r Film
MDT, Stockholm, Sweden

Berlin Dancer
Artist director/Choreographer/dancer in collaboration with Peter Uhr.
33d Gothenburg International Filmfestival
Atalante, Göteborg

Lyckans Undulater
Ada Studio, Berlin, Germany & Kulturkalaset, Göteborg

Not so!
Choreographer assistant for Mumuki Dance Company
Berlin, Germany

Artist director/Choreographer/dancer in collaboration with Peter Uhr.
Arthall Lokstallet, Stömstad

Ariadne fra Naxsos
Dancer in a opera by Robert Carsey, choreographer Marco Santi
Operahouse of Copenhagen, Denmark


2023 (ongoing)
Sustainable Urban Management – Master’s Programme. Landscape Architecture, SLU

Research-Lab: Marvels and Catastrophes: Architecture and Cities and the Force of Nature
30 hp Post master course, Royal institute of art, Stockholm

Research-Lab: Architecture, Urban Artefacts, Collective Representation
30 hp Post master course, Royal institute of art, Stockholm

Mötesplats, musik, teater, landskap
6 hp advanced level at
Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola (Stockholm/Porto)

2011- 2014
Bachelor in Human Geography 
University of Stockholm

Creating Site-Specific Dance and Performance Works.
California Institute of the Arts, Coursera Online courses

Balettakademin, Göteborg

Modern dance
Sceneindgangen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nature Science,
Älvkullegymnasiet (high school), Karlstad


Mörka rums magi och analoga realtidsprojektioner, Workshop about photography as a medium in contemporary art.
Moderna museet, Stockholm

Presentation: Kommer himlen alltid att vara blå?
Workshop: Att närma sig landskapet genom kroppen
Konstdygnet 2017, Örebro, Sweden

DANCEWALKS. Lectures, presentations and workshops at;
Royal institute of technology (KTH) Architecture in Stockholm; BAS Architecture in Bergen (Norway); SLU (The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Landscape Architecture in Uppsala; Gävle University College, Industrial design; Ramböll, Malmö

Lecture and guest critic
Örebro Art College, Örebro

Dance artist (7 month); including Performing and teaching, Dans i Värmland, Karlstad, Sweden


Marvels and Catastrophes
roup publication, Research Lab at KKH

R-Lab Architecture, Artifacts and signs,
roup publication, Research Lab at KKH

A publication related to the project Ekologiska Teatern (2015), Stockholm


Min Stadspark, Artist in residence,
Bild & Form, Region Dalarna

Rural Movements Inventory 
Residens Gunnerud, Östra Ämtervik

Insisting on
Weld, Stockholm & Skogen, Göteborg

Den Ekologiska Teatern
MDT, Stockholm

The Thing
PACT Zollverein, Essen, Germany

732 m in Gävle, Dancewalks was selected as “The cultural happening of the year”
Arbetarbladet in Gävleborg