• The Ecological Theatre (Den Ekologiska Teatern ) is an art project in the Biological museum in Stockholm that was presented through a talk, art installations, performances, a book and a sound installation. This series of independent performative episodes was initiated by the choreographers Anna Asplind and Daniel AlmgrenRecén during the year 2015.

    To do this “Den Ekologiska Teatern” invited International and Swedish artists from as diverse artistic expressions as written text, dance, fine art, installation, poetry, light and interactive sound art.

    The Biological Museum was inaugurated in 1893 in a three-way intersection between industrialization, nature romanticism and the climax of positivistic nature science. As a visitor in the museum, you find yourself in the midst of an harmonic nature scene filled with an large backdrop by Bruno Liljefors, a meticulously constructed environment by the taxidermist, hunter and amateur zoologist Gustaf Kolthoff and stuffed animals, shot, collected and conserved by the same man.

    The animals in their stagnated positions create, in contrast to the founder’s intention, situations far from the reality they were taken out of. The fact that a hare sits peacefully, only a few feet from a fox, is not very likely to happen in the forest. This distorted picture provides an experience of layered time, or even an absence of time, somewhere in between the living and the dead, as if a number of photographic negatives would have been multiply exposed on to the museum.

    What are then the stories that are being provoked in this place where the only living are the bugs that try to feed on the dead and an occasional sparrow that lost its way in the daylight that showers the silence? What is the animal’s reflection on the time and the society that is changing around them? Who is actually looking at whom? Who has the right to tell the story and whose reality is being told?

    “Den Ekologiska Teatern” is the first joint work of Anna Asplind and Daniel AlmgrenRecén.

    The project is supported by: Innovativ Kultur, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Kulturbryggan, Swedish Arts Council and Stockholms Stad.

    Special thanks to URBANEARS, Linda Karlsson, André Wunstorf and Frida Sandström

    The Ecological Theater is co-produced with: MDT and Biologiska museet

    Facebook: Den Ekologiska Teatern

    Instagram: #deekte

  • The Ecological Theatre consists of:

    MELLAN LAGREN (IN BETWEEN THE LAYERS) – ONGOING interactive sound installation. (Entrance fee of the Biological Museum applies)

    KROPPAR I MELLANRUM (IN BETWEEN BODIES) – Dance performance that took place in the habitat diorama of the Biological museum.

    DEEKTE – Art and performance evening as part of Kulturnatten 2015

    AVLAGRINGAR – Publication


    Participating artists and writers:

    Anna Asplind
    Anna Koch
    Bob Hansson
    Daniel AlmgrenRecén
    Department (Technical concept and development)
    DJ Phillip Mox
    Duilio Forte
    Elis Burrau
    Emil Kjær Voss
    Erik Berglin
    Helena Lundström
    Ida Linde
    Johan Forsman
    Johanna Frid
    Johan Rödström
    Jonas Liveröd
    Nicke Helldorff
    Niclas Svensson
    Rune Bosse
    Sarra Anaya
    Tomas Björkdal