• Biologiska Muséet | Stockholm | 28 maj 2015

    In Between The Layers (Mellan Lagren) is a part of the project  The Ecological Theater (Den Ekologiska Teatern).

    The visitors move through a soundscape of text and sound that changes in relation to their own movement and direction in the room. The experience of the museum is given a new dimension where its history and the present moments reflections are co-existing.

    The audience take part of the work through a pair of headphones and an iPhone that are wirelessly connected throughout the museum to 60 iBeacons.

    Through the latest technology in indoor positioning, it is possible to determine how far a sound shall extend and which direction the sound will have. It’s the movements of the visitor that decides what he or she will experience, like a personal choreography where the installation, the space and the body interact and effect each other. The sound installation awakens the different layers of time and information that exists inside the museum.

    Den Ekologiska Teatern is the first joint production of the choreographers Anna Asplind and Daniel Almgren Recén.

  • In Between the Layers (2015) from anna asplind on Vimeo.